California Vibes

I have recently arrived home after staying in California for almost three weeks! While my journey to the “sun shine state” was full of adventures and relaxation, I am very happy to be back in the Pacific Northwest and to be home with my family before I move across the state in a couple of weeks! But that’s an entirely different story.

Here’s a little over view of my trip: Me, my boyfriend, his mother, grandmother, and two sisters all packed into one SUV, secured our luggage, and drove down California way. The drive is a total of 22 hours but we took a pit stop in San Francisco before making our way down to southern California where my boyfriend’s family lives.

This is the third time my boyfriend (his name is Ricky in case I haven’t mentioned that) and I have traveled to California to visit his family so we are pretty used to the road trip ways. The ride is always fun but it is long and tedious at the same time!

I am very blessed to have been able to journey with Ricky and his wonderful family back to their home state! Our trip was full of laughs and I made some great memories!

I have decided to share some things that I found to love about California as well as some things that I did not like!

Things I Enjoyed about California

  1. The sunshine: Although it was incredibly hot, the sunshine was very enjoyable. Every day was a day in paradise. IMG-0952
  2. The outfits: Sundresses, sun hats, rompers, shorts, need I say more!IMG-0791
  3. Beaches: Laying in the sand, taking in the sun, and reading a book is the best! Swimming in the ocean wasn’t bad either!IMG-0830
  4. Food: Ricky’s family is Hispanic and we ate a lot of amazing and authentic Mexican food during this trip! We also treated ourselves to a steakhouse one night and enjoyed countless trips to In-N-Out.IMG-0387
  5. The energy: The people in California were always full of spirit and entertaining. Obviously there are some bad seeds that can kill the vibe, but overall my experience with the people and places in California was positive!
  6. PetCo Park: This baseball park is amazing! The Cali feel to it with the palm trees and San Diego breeze creates one beautiful park which is great for a Padres game with the family!IMG-0960

Things I DID NOT Enjoy about California

  1. The Construction: Construction is always taking place and it’s always happening at the worst time. For example: When you have 20 miles left of gas and construction on an exit ramp is blocking you from the closest gas station. Oh, and the next gas station is 35 miles away.IMG-1011
  2. Driving/Drivers: Remember when I said California drivers had a lot of energy? Well they also have that same energy when they get on the road. There were accidents every single time we went on the freeway.
  3. The sunshine: As a fair skinned red head, I didn’t sun burn as much as I had in years past. But the sun is always something that has to be taken into consideration! Walking out to your car can make you sweat and staying outside for over an hour is almost impossible during the afternoon.
  4. Overpopulation: Lots of traffic. Lots of people. Lots of smog. I was definitely missing the blue skies and scenic mountains and trees of my Pacific Northwest Home!

Again, my trip to California was incredible! Although there were some aspects of it that I didn’t always enjoy, I wouldn’t have given up my time with ricky and his family for the world! IMG-0807

“It doesn’t matter where you’re going, it’s who you have beside you.”

BONUS: Me standing with a Dalek at the San Diego Comic Con!



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